Professional Applications: 
               * SMART Online Telemetry
      * M2M with 4G Routers
               * Professional IoT Systems
               * Remote Monitoring
               * Battery or Solar Powered
               * Export to 100 countries
               * Since 1983


      15946.6  kWh


Online Monitoring Systems For
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Remote Online kWh meter / Pulse Counter

* A smart interface between puls generating sensors like kWh / Gas / Water / Flow/ Rain

Data (kWh/ counter values) automatically send to your own FTP-Server or Cloud
* Optional: Data storage to 2GB uSD Card, extra inputs, WEB display and Online Graphs

ibox 2s small windlogger
>> iBOX-2S>> Internet

 iBOX-2S: Smart Data Logger / Telemetry System

 * A smart interface between sensors & signals and the internet
Data Available via Website/ Cloud /FTP-Server /SD Card/ Online Graphs 
 * Customized Configurations up to 6 (or 16) inputs and optional Alarm & Control Functions

 * Monitoring Wildfire risk (monitoring natuurbrand risico)
 * Urban heat stress monitoring (hittestress metingen in steden)



windspeed last 24 hours

Online Graphs

Sensor/ signal >>>  iBOX-2S >>> INTERNET >>> Graphs >>> User
* WebGraphs: Customised webpages with (daily/weekly)
Online Graphs
SmartGraphs: Online Graph Platform including Historical Graphs
DEMO: login with: username: and password: ekopower


max40+ anemometer wimd meter 4-20mA signal windlogger measuring wind

Wind & Meteo Monitoring

Anemometers & Wind Sensors with 4-20 mA output
Wind & Meteo loggers : Customised Configurations