iBOX-2S:  SMART DATALOGGER / Telemetry System

A smart interface between sensors & signals and the internet

 * Graphs and Data worldwide available via Website/ Cloud /FTP-Server /SD Card/ Online Graphs
 * Customised Configurations,
 Professional Telemetry, M2M & IoT applications with Ethernet/WiFi/3G/4G Router
 * Powerful Online Graph Options and optional Alarm & Control Functions
 * Options: Ultra low power consumption: Battery or solar power options for remote sites
* Ultra low power mode option: typ 10 mW  (700 mW in Full power mode)
* Safe data transfer (in low power mode): Ethernet port only active during short periods of data transfer


Monitoring solutions for eg:
  > Monitoring Wildfire risk (monitoring natuurbrand risico)
Urban heat stress monitoring (hittestress metingen in steden)
- ENERGY MANAGEMENT (kWh metering)
- PULSE Monitoring (kWH / GAS / WATER / RAIN / FLOW / Traffic)


 Nature fire index monitoring
windspeed last 24 hours


Main Functions:

* Data Recorded at SD Card (2GB micro SD for iBOX-2S) 
* Automatic Data Transfer to FTP Cloud/Server
* Smart Online Options like O
nline Graphs, Web-Displays
* Alarm & Control Functions
* Optional Wireless Connections: WiFi -  3/4G -  GPRS
* For Stand-alone applications or in network (local/internet)
* Can be part of professional
Internet of Things Network (IoT)
* Alsao available without datalogging in iSENSE mode see
 iSense iP Sensors

The iBOX-2S System

The iBOX-2S has very advanced firmware which enable fast and flexible configurations.
The setup is done quick and easy by using the control software.

Parameters, inputs, settings, iP addresses, ranges , units, intervals,
site/logger identification text etc.  can be programmed in advance to the uSD Card.
The iBOX-2S system will operate according to these settings.
The iBOX-2S has a built-in (simple) webserver and can upload files automatically
(at pre adjusted intervals) via FTP to a FTP Server or Cloud.

When internet connection is interrupted during  some time the logger will upload the recorded data (at the uSD Card) later when the internet connection is operating
again, so no data will be lost. Data will be stored at the uSD Card.
Keep the period of interruption limited as the iBOX-2S will try to send all recorded
when internet is available again. For wireless systems it is recommended to use a fast 4G router.  When only the current value string is uploaded to the server this is not a  problem as only the current value will be uploaded. 

* OnlineManual (v12)

* Control Software v12 available on request : contact us via email
  iBOX-2S Datalogger
ibox 2s small windlogger   
Compact type iBOX-2S 
  for max 6 inputs/outputs
  including 2GB micro SD Card
  With DIN rail mounting

Key Features:

* Configurations according to your requirements
* Customised Configurations available

* Versatile inputs for any Sensor & Signal
* Inputs: 1 up to 6 (iBOX-2S)  or 7 up to 16  (Full iBOX)
* Ultra Low Power Mode (typ 0,1 mA= 100
* Data upload to server via FTP
* Optional Graphs and Web display

* Remote Access & Control via Embedded Webserver
* Easy Setup:  No programming required
* Dataloggng to 2GB uSD Card
* Low Cost
* Optional Waterproof Enclosures (IP66/67)

Send us your requirements and we will offer you our solution.
Note: Customised Configurations are not available "from the shelf"

Inputs OPTIONS for any sensor(s)  or signal(s) up to max 6/16/32 inputs e.g.:
A system can be configured using a selection the following input options
   - analog signals (eg standard 0-5/10 V , 0/4...20 mA, mV)
   - status signals (on/off, high/low)
   - puls counter (for eg  kWh or rain, 12 or 24 bits cumulative counter, non volatile)
   - event
   - special inputs/outputs
   - operate remote on/off switches via your browser (up to 3 remote switches 230V /6A)
   - alarm outputs (switch/email)

Can be connected directly to a lot of sensors & transducers,  like:
   > temperature sensor(s) (precision thermistors accuracy typ 0.2 C)
   > pressure sensor
   > wind speed
   > wind direction
   > solar radiation
   > uv radiation
   > frequency
   > level
   > rain collector (pulses)
   > kWh meter (pulses)
   > etc. see also

EKOPOWER provides customised on-line monitoring systems for specialised purposes
> Highly accurate:   12 or 16 bits resolution
> Low Cost

> Optional
Online Graphs at your Smartphone/TAB  

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