Remote Online FTP  kWh meter / Pulse Counter

Professional (sub)-metering applications (like PV or Wind Energy systems)
with powerful options : TCP/iP - Ethernet- FTP - WiFi - 4G - Data Logging 

Also for SDE+  kWh measurements and  "real time" (eg 15 min)  monitoring of energy production !
Can also be used as "add om" to existing kWh meters with pulse output  (SO)

datalogger ibox 2s  
iBOX-2S unit
    including 2GB micro SD Card
with DIN rail mounting

Example of 1 Phase kWh meter
with pulse output and  DIN rail mountin

* A smart counter for puls generating sensors like kWh / Gas / Water / Flow/ Rain/Traffic
Data (kWh / counter values) automatically send to your own FTP-Server or Cloud
* Read Counter/ kWh values remote over internet using the embedded webserver or web display (see below)
* Ultra low power mode option: typ 10 mW  (700 mW in Full power mode)
* Safe data transfer (in low power mode): Ethernet port only active during short periods of data transfer
* Low Cost Industrial grade European MID certified kWh meter
* Choose your own kWh meter 1/3 phase and Accuracy Class of the kWh meter system : A (2%), B (1%) OR C (0.5%)
* Can also be used as "add om" to existing kWh meters with pulse output  (SO)
* Flexible configuration with any puls generating kWh meter ( 1 /3 phase)
* Expandable to kWh meter network with many remote kWh meters (eg for monitoring  PV Systems)
* Pre-scaler option (1...12 Bits) with adjustable counter range : 16*106 up to max 6*1010
* Independant Energy Monitoring for research, evaluation and registration
   (no connection with inverter etc required, simply connect to pulse output of kWh meter )
Optional Data logging to 2GB uSD Card & automatic FTP Transfer of Recorded Data file to a Server

Cumulative kWh meter
Updated each 10 minute (interval adjustable)

 kWh Meter of PV System (since 23-1-2014)

Ten minute Average Power (Watts)
Updated each 10 minute (interval adjustable)

  Average Power (Watts) of PV System


Measuring CUMULATIVE kWh production (or consumption), by using a pulse output (SO) of kWh meter
The TOTAL number of pulses (or kWh)  is transferred (in the so called current value file)  at pre-adjusted intervals
 to your FTP server or Cloud
By using your own database system a complete network of kWh meters can be monitored & managed

The Power of simplicity and reliability!

From the updating cumulative kWh value 2 important additional values can be calculated (eg at the server):
1 The increase of kWh value during each update interval is the generated  (or used) energy in kWh during that interval.
2 The increase kWh divided by the interval in hours give the average power in kWatts

The kWh counter of the  
iBOX-2S system  is NON-VOLATILE (no lost of data when power is disconnected)
and has standard a high capacity CUMULATIVE 24 bits counter (
16000000 counts without optional pre scaler).
After overflow the counter will start again from zero 

The cumulative counter of  the iBOX is counting pulses even when the power is disconnected and keep the values.
Adjustable update interval: eg 1, 10, 15 minutes, 1 hr.
Logger/site identification possibilities in text, file names and folder names (eg postalcode+nr and pulsvalue)
The kWh values can also be read over the internet using the built-in webserver by using your browser.

Counter configuration  nr 705 :
 Cumulative Non volatile Counter 24 bits without reset (current value string to server)
Counter configuration  nr 706 :
Cumulative Non volatile Counter 24 bits without reset (current value string to server with datalogging)

Settings adjustable (for system configuration 705)  eg : (see also the iBOX-2S and the manual)
- iP settings iBOX-2S and server (iP nr, username, password, folder)
- Upload interval of current value file (no datalogging)
Extra for configuration nr 706:
- Enable (or disable) Data logging to 2GB uSD Card & automatic FTP Transfer of Recorded Data file to a Server
  and FTP upload interval of recorded data file 

* OnlineManual (v12)

* Control Software v12.01  available on request : contact us via email

Online kWh meter with iBOX-2S, kWh meter
5V Power supply and WiFi in DIN rail enclosure

PV Solar Energy System



Remote Online kWh Monitoring of  PV Solar Energy Systems,  Wind Energy Projects , Energy Management etc.
- Monitoring of efficiency (and early fault detection) by using an additional Solar Radiation sensor
- Power and Energy Performance Evaluation of Solar / PV / Wind Energy System
- Research & Development of PV Solar / Wind Energy systems


- Pre scaler:  (specify at order)
  > eg pre scaler value 2 bits  /4,  so counter range will be 4*16000000
  > eg pre scaler value 3 bits  /8,  so counter range will be 8*16000000
     Example with prescaler /8 and 1 puls /Wh, with PV yearly 5000 kWh:
     Effective iBOX  kWh Counter range: 128000 kWh with effective resolution 0.008 kWh
     Overflow after 128000/5000=25.6 year!

- The standard calibration is counting pulses,  optional possibility is  to use  a "pulse- value" eg 1 pulse is 1 Wh
- 4G Router or WiFi connection
- Customized systems with additional inputs / outputs like:
   > temperature, solar radiation, wind speed, analog signals, 4-20 mA signals, status etc
   > extra  24 bits non volatile counter

 > remote control outputs (open collector/ relay 220V /6A)
Optional monitoring of power voltage / backup voltage
- Ultra low power consumption for solar/battery operation with 4G router


Customized Web Displays are available, see examples for small PV System 2500 Watt JA Solar PV Panels
(Demo system installed by RE-SOURCE The Netherlands)

MORE DETAILS here                                                                                         Ask for a quote or help via contact us via email.